Understanding Your Needs, Protecting Your Future
Life can change quickly and unexpectedly.  Which is why we have an attorney for whatever challenge should come your way in life.  Our firm focuses on helping you protect all you've earned from your hard work with estate planning and  business and farm law.  We also offer assistance in family law matters: divorces, custody arrangements, mediation and more.  Initial consultations are free!

Our History

In 1894, Henry Somsen, SR moved to New Ulm as a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School. Since he was only 19 years old at the time, he had to wait two years to be admitted to the bar. Until 1896 he was a law clerk for John Lind and later became his partner. Lind had served as a representative of Congress and US Senator and in 1899 Lind became governor of Minnesota and moved away from the New Ulm area.

Henry Somsen, Sr. then became a partner with  Einar Hoidale from 1900-1906 until Hoidale moved to Minneapolis and was later elected a member of Congress. Somsen then became a partner with W.H. Dempsey in 1909 and continued until 1946. There were several additional partners along the way (Somsen, Demsey and Mueller; Somsen, Dempsey, Johnson & Somsen; and Somsen, Dempsey and Flor.)

In 1934 Henry Somsen, Jr. was admitted to the Bar and joined his father at the firm. After the death of Henry Somsen, Sr in 1955, he practiced alone until 1964 when Terence M. Dempsey became his partner. The following year, Dempsey opened the firm’s law office in Sleepy Eye. William M. Schade joined the firm in 1972 and Steve Franta joined the firm in 1994. The firm name then became Somsen, Schade and Franta.

In 2003, Somsen, Schade and Franta merged with the Mueller Lowther law firm. The firm name became Somsen, Mueller, Lowther and Franta. In 2013, the firm joined with the Sommerness Law firm in Hutchinson which is now called Sommerness Franta and Associates. In January 2014, the firm joined with the Hauser and Schmid law firm in Sleepy Eye and is now called Hauser, Schmid, Franta and Associates. In all, the law firm has been servicing this community for over 115 years!

 Our Attorneys

Steven J. Franta
New Ulm


William D. Sommerness



Linda J. Heine
New Ulm


Shari P. Fischer

New Ulm


Nicole M. Schmiesing
New Ulm

Toby E. Schmid
Sleepy Eye

Brian J. Gillis

Bridget C. Scrabeck

Joe M. Sanow
New Ulm