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Estate Planning-Trusts & Wills

How to leave a lasting legacy; Wills & Trusts (Simple & Complex); Control costs/avoid probate; Need to update current plan?; Control the estate plan process; Powers of Attorney; Health Care Directives & HIPAAs; Minimize, defer and/or eliminate taxes; Protecting children's inheritances from divorce, creditors and "predators", or if the surviving spouse remarries; Long term care/nursing home asset protection strategies; Medical Assistance Rules; Ownership, joint tenancy, life estate, beneficiaries, POD/TOD.



11th      Hutchinson 
27th      Hutchinson 


8th       Hutchinson 
22nd    New Ulm
24th     Hutchinson 


5th      Hutchinson
19th    New Ulm
21st    Hutchinson 


"Business Succession"

Creating a plan is vital to effectively transferring your business. Without a plan, your business may be transferred to the detriment of the Company and its owners. Join us to learn more about successful
strategies for the transition of your business. We will explore the options available, and how to prepare the new owners and yourself for the transition.



July   19th     Hutchinson 
Aug.  16th    Hutchinson