Estate Planning

Trusts, Wills & Ancillaries 

Just like no two families are the same, we understand that no two estates are identical and you will not find "cookie cutter estate plans" with our firm.  Estate Planning is our primary practice area, and our attorneys are prepared to offer customized, and comprehensive estate planning advice for every individual and family need.  

Some of our most basic estate planning solutions includes working with young family planning, to help provide the right level of support in the selection and appointments of a Power of Attorney, Health Care Agents, HIPAA, and Wills.  This allows you to rest easy knowing there is a plan in place in cases where you are the full time care giver for a disabled loved one, or if you or a spouse become temporarily or permanently incapacitated.  

We also offer support for young, single adults from ages 18-24, to provide a level of guidance for choosing an agent for help with finances, or ensuring loved ones can communicate with health care practitioners in cases of emergency.

Our advanced estate planning has been one of the greatest areas of our practice for many years.  Working with a national wealth management estate planning group, WealthCounsel, our attorneys are equipped with the tools to provide complex estate planning advice for our trust and will clients.  From business and agriculture succession planning, high level wealth planning, to multiple level asset planning, our team of attorneys can provide the advice and support necessary, so you can ensure no stone is left unturned when considering how to protect your assets and pass along a legacy.  Once you have a trust in place, the execution of the plan is key.  In addition to our comprehensive estate planning, our firm also provides Trust Funding Services to help transition your assets to your trust.  This is a process that can be time consuming and confusing, so our team is there for you each step of the way to help you put your individual plan into action.

Our firm is able to retain your original documents in our secure vault at your request and also provided copies of your directives to your selected agents and third parties.  At no additional cost, each of our Estate Planning clients receives a personalized portfolio with all of your legal documents, plus a 3 year membership to Docubank, where your ancillary documents are uploaded and can be accessed by your care providers in case of an emergency.  

Our clients are invited each year to attend our annual Estate Planning Updating Event, where our attorneys will provide you updates with relevant changes that may have or may be taking place that could impact your planning.  As our client, you also have access to our Client Care program, which provides you with ongoing support for updates and necessary changes to your plan, ongoing funding support, and includes an annual meeting with your attorney.

As an estate planning firm, our attorneys are here to help you with the acquisition, retention, protection, and transition of your assets.  Call us today to receive a no-cost, comprehensive consultation, or attend one of our scheduled workshops to learn more about how we can help you protect your future. 

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